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Cultivating Clarity

There are a few sure ways to find clarity within your space and I'll briskly walk you through cleaning, clearing and organizing. (You should know that you are already on the right path to saving 20% on my latest offering! Ok back to the blog...) Remember when you first toured your current home? It was likely that the walls were blank and the floor, bare. The smell was foreign, stale, or it resembled that of the people who came before you. Fast forward to you and all that you carry in this world filling that place to the brim.


The best way to clear out a stagnate smell and vibe, is to clean. Whenever I start to feel sick, I know that cleaning is overdue. We are our spaces after-all. Throw away all of that broken stuff. Unless you pick it up and use it in your art project here and now, it's got to go! That said, I am the number one advocate for reusing things before they get thrown out. I have to make a special place in my home to keep them. Once it starts to overflow, I know I've held on for too long and it's time to recycle. It's so easy to ignore the little objects that are piling up in your home. If you feel that you are stuck in a rut, it's time to clean. First, open the windows and blast some music. All of the neighbors need to know that you are making room for new energy.

Here's the best cleaning motivation & cure-all:

Invite a friend over who's smile is infectious. Then, do your very best to prioritize cleaning everything they will come into contact with. Share something impressive with them like a new candle or your favorite smoking herbs. Or my favorite: Popcorn! You will feel better before your friend even gets there and you'll be excited to show them how well you're taking care of yourself.


The easiest way to cleanse the energy in a space is to smudge and to say affirmations. Wait! Why would we ever need to cleanse the energy? Every once in a while, I get the "scaries". Sometimes it comes in the form of anxiety and I feel the heaviness of my thoughts weighing down on me. Often it comes in the form of distractions where I can't seem to focus on my breath during meditation or when there's just over stimulation. Every once in a while, I am afraid of the dark, afraid of the future, past, and afraid of my own thoughts. It's in this time that I turn to affirmations. I say to myself that "I am Protected. I am Hope. I am Love." These words are uttered again and again until I truly start to believe them. I embody them. I trust them.

"I am Protected. I am Hope. I am Love."

I make sure the smoke touches every inch of the door and all of the drywall in the corner. I walk around to do table tops and hidden corners beyond the clothes in my closet. I do the kitchen and windows and even the smoke detector (spiritual sense of humor). All the while I'm saying my chosen affirmations again and again, jumping on the bed, infusing the home with the spirit that's within and driving out all that does not serve my home or office.


The most effective way to cultivate clarity is to organize for the time being. It's true that we are always changing (no one is working this hard to stay how they are). It's important to honor the flow that you're in now instead of accommodating and dragging your past self into the present. It's also important to follow your current heart space instead of imposing historic structures on to your future self. A good example of this is in the kitchen. If you are actively eating more fruits and veggies, make sure those are visible and easily prepped so that you can grab and go. Instead of prioritizing meat and cheese like mom did.

With changing seasons, you may not need your bikini as often as usual. Instead, keep your thigh high socks on top of the drawer. These micro adjustments streamline things for you so that you need not worry. When in doubt, contact a professional. Observe them and ask plenty of questions so that you know how to maintain the flow in between their visits. You'll find that you may need to organize more often than you thought was originally possible.


You know the lifestyle which you are craving and I invite you to achieve that for yourself. What will it take for you to be able to glide from one activity to the next? A new layout, micro-adjustments in organization, new tech? Let's discuss in the comments or DM me now while it's on your mind. I am here to hold space for the energy that matters most.

When your third-eye is open for renovations, I'll be there to let the light in.

One last thing! Did you know that I have a fall offering specifically for Cultivating Clarity? Sign up before November 28th to enjoy 20% off! Check out the offering here. And as always, share this with someone you want to cultivate clarity with.

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