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Holistic Design Consultation

You need direction and we have the map. Book a consultation to explore:

  • Wellness, & regenerative design hacks     

  • Strategy to tackle the elephant in the room

  • Personalized, Detailed Design Guide 

Great for someone looking for a transformation

Serving San Diego County


So you have a big Idea that you want the best for. Projects that are in line with regenerative practices and positive social change skip to the front of the line. Let's chat about it already! 

Design Assist

You're a fellow designer and you took on a huge job (congrats!). Be it precise measurements, 3D renderings or 2D design drawings, we can help you out for sure. Book a time to chat or write to us in the form below. 

Content Development

You have a product or process that is worthy. Yet, you need another conduit for regenerative assurance and exposure. Send it over and we can discuss the plan for rolling it out . Describe your request in the form below.  

Holistic Design Literacy 

You're hosting an event and you want a well-rounded speaker to cater to your guests. Steffi is filling up her calendar with speaking opportunities! Pitch your event in the contact form below.

AI Ideation

You, me, and Midjourney are about to birth something out of this world! Be sure to hold on to your seat and tell us your general direction in the form below! 

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