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Sacred Geometry is Within

With all focus on body image and self realization, it's proof that the geometry we love is deeply rooted in our beings. Deep in the microcosm that make our bodies miracles.

Between perfect proportions, fractals, and tree of life shapes, we are a human universe.

Proportions: Simple face shapes draw our eyes in (visualize the face of a car with 2 distinct eyes and a grill for a mouth). Whether it's in a photo or in a room, people are naturally drawn to other people. In Interior Design, I utilize this theory to yield a higher density area. Have you ever walked into a transit station and starting following everyone else? Thinking "they must know where I'm supposed to go" and then you arrive at baggage claim safe and sound? You followed the people all the way to your destination. So does your eye in a room. The proportions of eyes to eyebrows to the mouth convey so much information. When this is applied to design, the possibilities for connection are immense.

Fractals: Can be found at a microscopic level. The best example I have is bare skin. You can see the patterns on even young wrinkling hands. Triangles and prisms strengthen the surface while they curl around perfectly round pores. Like the sand that made up the dunes or the cells of a tree, fractals are the bricks of everything we know.

Tree of Life: Like the circulatory system, in the body, rivers and canals are created to get precious cargo from one place to another. The exchange represents the juxtaposition of air releasing from lungs or a building and out to/from new air. Trees do the same moving sunlight down from the top, exchanging nutrients via roots with Earth, the Mother of us all.

Design examples: I love thick, dense textures like a heavy cotton or even a fuzzy jute (Check out the Holding-Space Hammock in my shop ). I'm convinced it's because of my familiarity of unruly hair. My favorite color of leather is usually camel. I would use a cactus or mushroom leather with natural yellow undertones. Could it be because That's the color of my skin when it's healthy and sunkissed? The best color combinations are inspired by people's eyes. The dark brown tones with hints of cataract blue is absolutely classic. Imagining a bit of Hazel, the type that change from blue to green with a gold lotus around both pupils.

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Kody Burke
Kody Burke
26 de abr. de 2021


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