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This Business is Blessed!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Just the other night, I was pampered with snacks and great company. My acquaintance turned friend and guru, Natasha Edwina M.A. spoke to me about all things holistic healing. I love her for this. Even though I am a designer by trade, when I read, I delve in to easily digestible medical texts. It is so refreshing to connect with someone who is an expert in this field. It is in my nature to gravitate to the subject; but I am glad I never set foot in medical school (design school kept me busy enough). This night was very special for us because we made pacts, we broke bread and did the work to manifest what we need to move forward. I was stuck before I visited Natasha that day. By the time night fell, I was overflowing with ideas and pure creativity. It's because of Natasha that You are visiting my site today to be honest. It is with the great conjunction and gratitude that I announce that Natasha and I will be hosting a Past-Life Regression session on December 29th 2020! I will be curating space and making sure everyone is safe while Natasha leads us though the many facets of our mind. This is so important for letting go of 2020 and beyond. If you have some energy that needs to be cleared or ancestral cues that you want to explore further, this is your opportunity to do so. I can't think of a better way to make way for 2021. My session with Natasha was so powerful that I found my calling again. It had ben lost in the shuffle of it all. I want to be more specific with you. Honestly, I'm not going back there.

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